Friday, November 2, 2012

My Team Fortress story: Man Vs Nightmare!

    I play TF2... I play it way more than I should. This Halloween, they added a Man vs Man map at NIGHTMARE level. It's basically a long mob that you have to continually fight off again and again and again. I played many times and averaged about 10% of the level completed, max maybe 15%. Then, the root cause of my irritation.

    A normal group of guys and we all take the vital roles, should be good. Well, we coast through about 20% then spend the next 70% at goal, escaping failure by split seconds. Near the end, we're getting the upper hand, upgraded, full canteens and pushing them back. We're in the zone when the pyro, standing at the goal while defending what must be the last bot push, decides to say, let me air blast him. In the moment, it seemed right, they've been at the goal for a good minute, nearly ending our hour long effort...

  YOU HAVE FAILED, the announcer said! What happened? Nothing... In that split second of seemingly universal approval, we stop our barrage and watch as the pyro stands in front and ... does nothing. Air blast didn't work. Oh yea, air blast does have issues. Oh yea. Oh shit...

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I had a particularly interesting morning the other day...
I was one of them, you know, the person who stops a group of people so they can also get on the elevator. Once on the elevator, I heard something... It sounded.. SHIT! It's my iPhone (yes I own one but not by choice(work phone)) and it's playing some unsavory music from Pandora. Very uncomfortable as I struggle to take the phone out of my pocket and make a failed initial attempt to stop the music. Once I slow down and let the app load, I stop it. The elevator is full of awkwardness and i'm the source. Ding! The doors open and I'm first out. Wait... This doesn't look right, wrong floor. I jump back into the elevator only to gain temporary telepathy! The awkwardness I sense is overbearing.
Just another day at the office.

When it rains in Seattle.

It does not simply rain in Seattle, it is an event. Days perhaps weeks long with a break including a half day of partial sunshine. Besides the gray skies and lack of vitamin D, Seattle looses so much more. It's sanity.

People forget how to drive. The left lane is the new right lane as you have to pass the overly cautious drivers who acknowledge nothing other than themselves. New reports wear too much rain gear while on location somewhere with a puddle or 2 and lets not forget the lovely B-roll of rain drops.

Good-bye sun, we'll see you in a few months.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Words that drive me crazy.


Why not just stay 'Stuff' or 'Things'. All have the same meaning, something. The attempt to 'high brow' the term annoys me. Reasons unknown...

Monday, September 17, 2012

I want to live in an awesome place.

I think I want to move to Hawaii. Big Island. Become one of them 'off the grid' fella. Minus the guns and insanity that usually goes along with people living alone in the middle of the woods.

I think that a few acres on the Hilo side should allow for a excellent garden. Solar panels, water catch, other stuff... I'd have to have internet of course...

Maybe I can become a scuba instructor or something fun like that.
Hmm time to plan \ scheme!

Picture from a Maui trip. Hauna area.

Friday, September 14, 2012


I vote that we replace the common usage of the word 'balls' with nards. Humor is gained.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You are what you eat.

This is nothing new yet so many people are shocked that they cant loose weight.
It's my genes some say or my favorite "I cant help it".

I like everyone else go to grocery stores and I see people with their frozen dinners, their sugar drinks, their cookies, chips, et cetera. Guess what, they're fat, worse is their young children are also fat AT 7 YEARS OLD! These people are killing their kids. I do put the blame on them, not "evil corporations" corporations are in existence to make money, they sell this junk because its what people want.

People think that drugs are bad - if they're abused or good if they're meant to help you. First of all, people want a pill to help their cholesterol then make their way to McDonald's for dinner... But just as powerful as pills is nutrition in general. Almost all of our ill's spawn from our horrid diets. We take pills for so many things that could have been prevented by having a healthy diet.

I went to the doctor recently, a naturopath - I do not see "regular doctors" because they usually try to treat symptoms and not fix the problem. I found out that i'm gluten intolerant and hypoglycemic. This was not too big of a deal as diet was filled with rice as my grain of choice... Although I do love a good beer... They will be missed. There are so many delicious food choices without including gluten that its not a big deal, just making sure that things like sauces do not have any in it. The hypoglycemia I assume is due to my diet growing up, I was not taught proper nutrition and ate candy and sugar junk my entire childhood. This is all on how ridiculous I think people who "cant help it" are. Not only do I not eat junk, i'm limited on my healthy options with my condition and still have PLENTY of options. I get annoyed when I want some dried fruit and 90% has added sugar!Fruit! Its already sweet! You dehydrate is and its even sweeter! But we need MORE sugar...

I'm so glad the health care bill passed, not I get to pay a part of my salary to take care of the people who refuse to take care of themselves. God bless our no fault society, the person eating chips and cookies just cant help it... Nature will not let you off that easy.